Technicians Tackling Climate Change

We are all more aware than ever that there is no planet B. More importantly, two thirds of people aged 16-25 want to launch careers that help to tackle climate change and protect the planet we have. Does this sound like you?

If the answer is a resounding YES! read on for three ideas of careers where you can use your skills to save the environment.


Build it – creating the tools we need to be green

There are skilled technicians across industries providing us with the essential tools to be green. Some of them play a part in creating new technologies to bring us a cleaner future, like the apprentices at UKAEA. They are working to develop a machine that will make energy from nuclear fusion, the process that fuels stars. If they are successful at recreating this reaction on earth, it would mean a carbon-free, boundless source of energy for mankind.


Be a game changer – changing how we do the everyday

There are skilled technicians making sure that everyone has access to sustainable ways to live. Take Ali for instance. As a Clean Energy Technical Officer, he advises communities on how to access clean energy by installing and maintaining their own solar panels. Read more about his story here

An interview with a Clean Energy Technical Officer


Light the way to a greener future - researching ways to save the planet

There are skilled technicians using their science and researching abilities to uncovering information on how the planet functions so we know the best way to protect it. Take Tom for instance:

By reconstructing past environmental change, and monitoring environmental pollution we can better understand and predict the future behaviour of climate systems like El Niño, in the context of global climate change. Monitoring environmental pollution allows us to quantify the scale of the problem – for example, micro-plastics in U.K. rivers – and begin to develop strategies for mitigate against the negative effects.

Read more about Tom's story, here.

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