Interested in Higher Technical Education?

You might have come across higher technical education, sometimes known as HTE, when thinking about your next choice – but what exactly is it, and where can it take you?

HTE is a type of higher education, meaning you normally won’t study it until you are 18, and includes both classroom-based study and some qualifications that you would get on a higher apprenticeship. You can study HTE in all kinds of subjects, from accountancy and software development to adult care and agriculture. Another great thing is that you can study for a HTE qualification at any point in your career – lots of adults do HTE!

Some of the qualifications that you might of heard of that are HTE include:

Higher National Diploma (HND)

Foundation Degree

Higher National Certificate (HNC)

Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE)

But there are lots more to discover!

While you might think that you can only do higher education at a university, you can actually study HTE at further education college, university or with independent training providers – which is true of lots of other higher education as well, like three-year Bachelors’ degrees. There are also 12 Institutes of Technology in England, which are specialists at HTE courses in science, technology and engineering.

You’ll normally find that a HTE course is one or two years long, which you can do full or part time, but it could take longer if you’re doing it as part of an apprenticeship.

A lot of the time HTE courses are created with employers which means that everything you learn is relevant to a job or group of jobs, making sure that you’re gaining skills valued in the jobs market. You’ll also come into contact with lots of businesses, so when planning your next step, it’s worth looking at who the local college, Institute of Technology or university has links with!

Sparked your interest in HTE? If you’re still in full-time education you can speak to your school or college careers advisor, or visit a local Institute of Technology or college.

If you are looking for guidance about which job is right for you, at any age, and you’re interested in how HTE could get you there, check out the National Careers Service, the government website on apprenticeships or UCAS. If you want to learn more about the kind of jobs that involve HTE then read Emily or Alex's story. 

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