Five things we couldn’t do without coding

Ahead of National Coding Week (13 - 17 September), we started to think about what the world would be like without coding? Turns out, the answer is very different! Coding underpins every part of our day-to-day existence from what we eat and wear to how we travel. Read on to learn more… 

Connecting with friends and family

 Everything about your phone requires code from your messaging apps to connecting to your network. But did you know that the binary code used to break the German military’s secret messages in World War II is also the code used by Skype! Very handy for all of your video calls.  

Keeping toasty

 The water heater that provides us with warm water in the morning, is temperature-controlled using code. Moreover, if it’s powered with green energy, programming is responsible for that too! Just a small fragment of code controls offshore wind-turbines which generate energy for our homes.  

Getting around

 Nowadays you can’t get from A-B without code, with programming key to keeping us safe. In our cars, many lines of code are responsible for telling the driver whether there’s enough air pressure in the tyres and deploying the air bags in cases of emergency.  Moreover, traffic lights are perfectly coordinated and change thanks to sophisticated computerised control systems and sensors. 


 The tools used to grow and harvest our foods are increasingly technologically sophisticated with robotics, satellites and thermal imaging used to optimise precision and minimise waste. Such tech needs complex algorithms and programming. 

Modern medicine

 Coding is needed whenever you need to communicate with a piece of machinery and so is key to the healthcare of many. Defibrillators, 3D-printed prosthetics; MRI machines – the list of technology that relies on code and helps to keep us healthy and well, is endless.  


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