Day in the Life of a Lab Apprentice - Part 2

As a lab technician apprentice, you get to combine hands-on experience on a range of scientific projects with classroom learning. We spoke Chantelle Griffin R SciTech about why she chose to launch her career with the King’s College London Apprentice Scheme: 

“I have been interested in a scientific career since my early teenage years. Previously I studied Forensic Biology at university, although due to family commitments I ended up dropping out. Although university did not go the way I wanted it to, I gained useful knowledge. I did not want to let my experience of leaving university define me – I still wanted to pursue a successful career in science.

‘When I found an apprenticeship at University King’s College London (KCL), I felt as if it could be my last chance to fulfil my dreams. After three years of being out of the classroom, an apprenticeship seemed ideal as it would provide me with the opportunity to ‘earn and learn’ as well as work alongside the best in the field.

I am looking forward to a long career as a technician 


‘The apprenticeship with King’s College London has been an amazing experience. I rotate through different departments in Research and Teaching every three months, which allows me to not only gain many different skills, but also further my knowledge of the scientific field. The support given within the institution of KCL by senior mentors has been phenomenal.

‘Since completing the Laboratory Technician Standard Level 3 Apprenticeship, I have attained a full-time contract and started a Level 5 Apprenticeship. I am looking forward to a long career as a technician and have ambitions of moving further up the ladder into senior management."


Visit our apprenticeship page to learn more about how you could launch your career as a technician



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