Day in the Life of a Lab Apprentice - Part 1

As a lab technician apprentice, you can combine hands-on experience supporting a range of scientific experimentation with classroom learning. We spoke to Jessica Sammut R SciTech about why she chose to launch her career as an apprentice with the King’s College London Apprentice Scheme:  

“I have always been fascinated by the complex and intricate working of the human body. It all started when I began an apprenticeship at a local pharmacy where one of my main roles was to dispense medication. It truly was rewarding knowing that the medication I was giving out was benefiting a patient’s health, and I started to become more interested in the science behind the medication. Despite enjoying this apprenticeship, I knew that it wasn’t necessarily the career path I wanted to go down. When the apprenticeship at King’s became available, I instantly knew that it was more suited to my interests.

‘During the two years of my apprenticeship at King’s College London as a laboratory technician, I gained experience in both teaching and research laboratories. The apprenticeship has allowed me to gain exposure to a variety of departments such as Pharmaceutical sciences, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology and the Dissection room within the Anatomy department. The apprenticeship has also given me opportunity to take part in research projects. For instance, I supported research which looked at the biosynthesis of natural products – a really important area for the development of new antibiotics, and treatments for cancer and malaria.

Without a doubt the apprenticeship has been the best choice I have ever made 

‘Though an apprenticeship is not the typical route for a career in science, I believe that balancing both on-the-job learning with education has made me more competent within my role and deepened my specialist knowledge. Without a doubt the apprenticeship has been the best choice I have ever made. I love being part of a technician network as everyone is extremely supportive and helpful with apprentices. This has enabled me to flourish and work to the best of my ability alongside line managers and senior management who have really helped with the launch and progression of my scientific career.

‘After two great years, I finally finished my Level 3 apprenticeship and have secured a permanent position working as a laboratory technician in teaching laboratories. I am looking forward to seeing what my future at King’s holds and aim to complete a Level 5 apprenticeship and become a lab manger position within the next couple of years. I’m so excited to see the ways in which I will progress!”



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