Break Out the Box

Over the past few weeks, we have launched a campaign called Break Out The Box on social media, but what does that mean?

We want to expand the language and ideas 15-16-year olds, their parents/carers and teachers associate with technicians so they consider the opportunities a technical career could provide.

Technicians are known as being able to solve problems with their expertise, and so ‘fix’ and ‘skilled’ are words you might use to describe them. But, would you also say that they are at the forefront of modern medicine and science? Or that to be a technician is to have an exciting and fulfilling career?

Check out the campaign on Instagram and read on to see why maybe you should.

Technical roles are important and add value to the world

To pursue a technical career is a way to know that the work you do is benefitting others. Take for instance the technicians who have applied their skills to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a Laboratory Research Technician at Oxford University, Helen, is using her strong attention to detail and scientific knowledge to test a possible vaccine for COVID-19.


I definitely recommend becoming a research technician. There is such a wide range of opportunities and fields to work in and you can see how your work is benefiting society.


Technical roles are exciting and aspirational 

Whether they allow you to work on the biggest experiment in the world, contribute to finding a cure for cancer or create robots to allow for the exploration of space, in a technical role you often have to apply your skills to overcome challenges in new and innovative ways. Take Sam for instance - as a Robotics Research Technician he has to come up with creative technological solutions. For instance, how do you make sure that solar panels on Mars don't get too dusty to generate energy? Well, design and programme a robot to blow the dust off, of course!


I love being able to provide technical solutions and bring technologies to people’s attention that they weren’t previously aware of


Technical careers are varied and exist in every industry

If you can relate to our Technician Stories, perhaps you have skills and passion which could be built upon for a fulfilling technical career.   

When Alan left school, all he knew was that he wanted a creative, hands-on career where he could help people. After an NVQ in Manufacturing at college, and an apprenticeship in Industrial Applications at Peacocks Medical Group, he is now a Senior Orthotic Technician, creating custom-made devices with cutting edge technology and technique to improve the function of a person’s body.


I once made splints for a lady who had been unable to stand for five years. Thanks to the orthotic splints, she was able to stand at the altar for her wedding. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.


‘Inspirational’ and ‘aspirational’ are the terms that may come to mind next time you have to describe a technician!  Read our Technician Stories and follow us on Instagram to learn more about careers which could allow you to challenge yourself and contribute to a better world.


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