An interview with a ... Clean Energy Technical Officer

Ali is a Technical Officer & Energy Advisor at Repowering London. Read on to hear more about how Ali’s technical role is helping to fight climate change and fuel poverty in communities across London

Career choice

I first joined Repowering London as a volunteer Technical Officer last Summer. I loved how by helping with the installation and maintenance of solar panels, I was part of something bigger. As part of the Repowering London team I was helping to enrich and improve the lives of the local community by supporting the solar roof-top projects and helping them to find a clean source of energy and offering advice which could help them tackle fuel poverty. Because I saw Repowering London had such a positive impact I applied for a permanent role, and I have been there ever since.

Every day is different

The part I find the most interesting about my role is that I get to overcome challenges and solve problems every day, whether it’s when I’m helping to install or maintain the solar panels projects in Lambeth, Hackney and North Kensington, running solar panel making workshops or offering home energy advice. When I offer impartial energy advice to a family, needs to be tailored to their specific situation. The information, technology and support I provide helps them to increase energy efficiency, decrease bill costs and contributes to reducing the impact of climate change.

The best thing about my job

Seeing a result and getting a positive feedback from the work I do. Climate change tends to harm the poorest and most vulnerable. Many of the people I meet who are struggling to pay their energy bills don’t have the knowledge or the tools to manage it. When they tell me I have made their lives much easier by installing low/zero carbon technologies and reducing their energy costs, it’s really rewarding.

Repowering London helps communities plan, build and fund their low carbon future as well as provides advice on how to save energy.

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